the h2o quiz to see who your mostly like

hi and welcome to the quiz page. here is where you take a quiz to see what girl from h2o you are. so im gonna let you see what the quiz is going to look like so you don't freak out ok. for eample: 1. are you breave? a. yes b. no c. not shure. and then you would write the letter down and so for the rest of the quiz and when your done this is what it is mostly going to look like: mostly a's cleo mostly b's emma mostly c's rikki. so since now you know how the quiz is going to look like then start taking it now!

1. you and your bff have a  huge blow up what do you do next?

a. quickly get to the root of the problem b. instantly feel terrible and apologize c. apologize but it doesn't really matter since you'll always be best friends no matter what

2. it's the big school dance and no one's asking you to dance. you...

a. ask the nearest boy to the dance b. try to melt into the wall and think about running away c. hit the dance floor by yourself

3. you have a HUGE crush on someone, how do you cope?

a. make him notice you b. get really nervous when you see him but you're too shy to say anything c. tell him you like him

4. Ugh, you're grounded. to pass the time, you...

a. do all your homework for thee next week b. spend A LOT of time with your pet fish c. rock out to some loud music

5. Uh oh, you're stuck in an elevator. you..

a. immediately start thing of a solution that will get you out of the jam b. panic and begain to hyperventilate c. just hang out and relax until someone comes to the rescue

6. its team trouts and you didn't make the cut. you...

a. create your own intramural team b. are totally embarrassed and just want to go home c. would never tryout. oranized sports are totally not your thing

7. it's prom and you're dateless. you...

a. decide to go with a big group of friends and have a good time b. stay home c. ask your crush if he wants to go with you

8. yikes, you've failed your history test. you...

a. know it must have been some kind of mistake because you studied all week b. feel like a complete failure and got a tutor c. don't sweat it. you'll ace the next exam

9. someone started an ugly rumor abut you. how do you react?

a. don't care because you knoe it's not true b. stress out. you don't want anyone to belive it c. find the person who started it and set them straight

10. the most popular girl in school has invited you to a sleepover. you...

a. don't go. after all, you're not really freinds with her b. get psyched and go c. sleepovers aren't your scene so you stay home

mostly a's         mostly b's              mostly c's 

emma                      cleo                     rikki

mostly a's emma

when you set your mind to something, you achieve it! You're incredibly driven and nothing's going to stop you from reaching your goals. All that focus means that you can be a little bit controlling, but your consideration for your friends always wins out in the end.

mostly b's cleo

Sometimes your shyness gets the best of you and you're a pro at putting your foot in your mouth but with a little help from your friends, you can over come any fear. Sure it's easy to make you blush, but once people get to know you, they realize that you have the best intenitions and an awesome personality hidden under all that blushing.

mostly c's rikki

You have no fear, and that fearlessness leads you on some interesting adventers.But you'd much rather explore new places and meet new people than do the same old boring thing day after day. While your rebellious streak gets you into some tights spots, yo have the guts and brains to find a way out... not to mention some loyal friends to assist you.