yes thats right theres contest here at h2o just add water! come check it out! enter in now all u got to do is go to the comments and leave your name and email so i can contack to whin your the winner of this or these contest going on for you guys as well as at miley world party i got tones of new things going on at miley world party so go check it out and here too.

contest #1

tell me how much you like/ know about h2o take the quiz to find out to see if you win this contest! write your answersd down and send them to the comments!

how much do you like h2o?

a.10%  b.50%  c.100%

how much time do emma, cleo, & rikki have when they get wet then turn into mermaids?

a.2 seconds  b.5 seconds  c.10 seconds

what kind of powers do the girls have?

a.heat, wishes, magic  b. fire, water, air  c.freez,shaping water, boiling

what friend does the girls have to help them out with the mermaid thing?

a.joey  b.zan  c.lewis

when the girls get wet and turn into mermaids how do they dry off?

a.air dry  b.just sit there  c. blow dry

in the first episode what made them become mermaids and how?

a.get lost, got wet then happen b.swim, island lost, island, magic full moon

ok when your done add up your answers and send them with your name and email to the comments and then your done

winner wont be announced until december 31st 2008 if you win you will be herd all over my website here on comments, chat, and showed on home page of your name you can send your pictuer if you want to my email at